Canada’s first legal Infused Cannagar about to hit market

Published on June 3, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
The first two-gram Infused Cannagar is pictured.

You could soon be puffing Canada’s first legal two-gram cannabis cigar, a Buddy Homburg ‘Infused Cannagar.’

A news release from Brandolier Holdings announces the product is coming to market in July, with rollout in BC, Alberta and Ontario.

The cannagar, packed with THC, CBD, and CBG, takes nearly 30 minutes to burn.

It will be the first of its kind in Canada’s legal cannabis market.

“We’ve waited a long time for equipment and minor cannabinoid availability to get here,” says Darren Darcy, Brandolier’s brand and product development lead.

“Buddy will be the first product, but we have line extensions in the works that will launch as appropriate, all through our production partner, Motif Labs.”

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The company says the cannagar has 600mg of total cannabinoids—with 20% THC flower in a hemp tube that is then infused with CBG and CBD oils (containing a signature terpene mix).

It’s also infused through the centre, which Brandolier says supports an even burn and keeps it “free of the clogging some early infused products have suffered.”

For the number crunchers, the product delivers 300mg THC, 200mg CBD, 100mg CBG, and 5% terpenes per cannagar.

The filter is corn husk.

“Motif is excited to push the boundaries of what infusion can bring to a pre-roll,” says Mario Naric, Motif CEO.

“Buddy does that – an homage to an elegant, social smoking experience that has been around for centuries, now driven by a cannabinoid and flavour combination to modernize that session.”

The strain profile is Panama Gold, a nod to the landrace strains of Panama Red and Acapulco Gold.

Photo: Contributed

“Buddy is purpose-built and crafted to elevate the cannabis smoking experience,” says Darcy.

“Social or solo, the product can be enjoyed with friends as a communal event or consumed alone when a smaller pre-roll just isn’t enough. The CBD and CBG infusion enhances the occasion.”

Brandolier is also behind Hycycle, a Canadian value vape brand. They recently launched Transit High-Potency Alleviating Oil.

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