Cannabis clones selling by the dozens at BC stores

Published on May 26, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed
Clones are shown for sale at The Flower Shop in Northern BC.

Clones are “selling like hot cakes” says BC cannabis store owner Vikram Sachdeva.

The founder and CEO of Seed & Stone says his first order of 24 sold out within a week.

Seeing the trend, he planned to stock pots, soil, nutrients, lights, tents—everything needed for baby plants to thrive into flowering adults.

“We want to be first,” he says.

Seed & Stone, which has stores in the Lower Mainland and on Vancouver Island, ordered their plants from Herbal Dispatch through Direct Delivery in BC.

The clones so far included Tropical Haze, Dark Shadow Haze, Killer Kush, Banana Cabana, Mac Fritter, and Meat Breath.

People love them

Meanwhile, in the Northern BC community of Chetwynd, Toni Marcer says clones are very popular at her store, The Flower Shop Cannabis. They retail there for $49.99 each.

“The first batch we got were unreal,” she says. “They’re in like a Starbucks cup. They were pristine. People love it because it’s something different, something new.”

Marcer says everyone should grow at home.

She’s set to sell nearly 100 clones through her store this spring.

The beauty of the clones, she says, is you know they’re going to bud.