Canna Bumps even comes with a tiny coke spoon

Published on May 7, 2021 by David Wylie

A picture of Canna Bumps product Photo: Contributed
Canna Bumps is a play on taking a small sniff of cocaine—aka, a bump.

Would you snort cannabis?

That’s what something called Canna Bumps proposes.

It appears to be either a scam or a joke, rather than a real product; however, it has sparked a conversation around where to draw the line, so to speak, when it comes to cannabis delivery methods.

The name Canna Bumps is a play on taking a small sniff of cocaine—aka, a bump.

“Have some fun with your cannabis with our unique cannabis concentrate. Canna Bumps are just what they sound like – cannabis concentrate designed to be consumed through the nose, ingested directly or added to your favourite food,” says the product description.

Canna Bumps was dropped from Leafly and Weedmaps

Canna Bumps was listed late last week on Leafly and Weedmaps. It’s since been removed from both sites.

The product description from Canna Bumps says it’s designed to allow THC molecules to transfer directly into blood circulation through the nasal cavity, bypassing the liver and digestive system for immediate effect.

The three-gram container is said to contain 600 mg of THC, and each 10 mg bump provides 2 mg of THC. Apparently, the kit comes with a little coke spoon.

Does anyone even want to snort cannabis?

The cannabis community has reacted with a mixture of mockery and derision… with a little bit of curiosity. Here’s a sampling of the feedback from Reddit and Facebook:

• “Screw this company and their horrible product! Glorifying cocaine/meth culture. Just what we need is to explain how cannabis is not a gateway drug…again. This is so far away from what the plant represents. This product makes me embarrassed to be a part of cannabis culture.”

• “Save your money and grab some canna-heroin. Why just smoke it when you can inject that THC straight into a vein.”

• “Honestly, it’s an interesting product idea. BUT… very ridiculous at the same time. Snorting THC?! Wtf?!”

• “People already complain that dabbers look like crackheads, this is the next evolution.”

• “I would try it. I’m very disappointed in those who continue to perpetuate stigma around drug use by shaming people who choose different ingestion routes than they do. There are already medical Cannabis nasal mists and inhalable powder formulations currently being developed.”

• “Shameful. Ammunition for those who would keep Cannabis controlled.”