Sour Medley by Verse

Published on April 22, 2021 by oz. staff

The Sour Medley pack of gummies from Verse adds something new to cannabis edibles—a variety of flavours in one package.

Five colourful gummies come in the bag, each individual chew is 2 mg of THC.

Overall, they have a nice texture with an inviting sugar coating. The gummies were more candylike in flavour than we’d expected.

There are also a number of allergen warnings to be aware of, as they may contain tree nuts, milk, soy, and/or wheat.

The five flavours are:

  • Cherry — very similar to red Kool-Aid
  • Watermelon — distinctive watermelon taste with a flavour burst
  • Blue raspberry — more sweetness than raspberry flavour
  • Green apple — the most subtle
  • Tropical — the most natural flavour, citrusy

We also picked up a separate package of Verse baked apple gummies—five in a package. They were by far our favourite and tasted just like fresh apple pie.