Sparkling Water Beverages by HYTN

Published on February 24, 2022 by Jenny Neufeld

We tried both flavours of HYTN’s sparkling water beverages, Rosewater Lemonade and Watermelon Mint.

When you crack the cans open you are immediately hit with a refreshing sweet smell. It made me wish for a warm, lazy summer afternoon to enjoy these—which as it turns out is exactly what these 10mg THC drinks are made for, I believe.

You won’t want to sip and savour these; they are more suited to slamming back to quench a thirst with something fun. If you let them linger too long you get that bitter, oiliness on your tongue that is common issue with cannabis beverages.

The flavour combinations are delightful, and I’d like to see more like them, light and sophisticated, fruity sweetness with an herbal counterpart. The Rosewater Lemonade is a bit more subtle than the Watermelon Mint. However, the smell is better than the taste in both cases.

Though as mentioned as long as you take quick drinks these are fresh, light and bubbly. Coincidently this is also how I’d describe the effect as well. Classic beverage good vibes.