Buttons for weed

Published on October 22, 2018 by David Trifunov

Not everyone is treating legalization with kid gloves.

If it seems like there are some nervous nellies out there, check in with Hotel Zed in Kelowna or Victoria.

“Legalization is happening. This is a huge milestone event for the country and for those who use weed, whether medicinally or recreationally,” says Hotel Zed CEO Mandy Farmer.

“We decided to commemorate this occasion with a special High Five Pin and our Weed Walk Guide. Everyone is welcome to visit the Hotel Zed front desk in either Victoria or Kelowna and pick one up.”

Yes, weed walks

Visit the hotels — in Kelowna along Abbott Street across from City Park, or Douglas Street in downtown Victoria — and you can ask for your spliff swag.

The Hotel Zed Weed Walk Guide highlights neighbouring dispensaries where your favourite blend can be purchased combined with tips on local things to do and of course, great places to eat.

Hotel Zed, a cousin property of the Accent Inns hotel chain, has built its brand in the margins of the mainstream.

It offers mini-discos, free roller skate rentals, vintage VW shuttle buses, and more.

For Valentine’s Day last year, Hotel Zed offered a $69 overnight rate in Kelowna or $50 “nooner” rate.

Zed is also using Instagram to celebrate legalization. Tag @hotelzed and use #highfivehotelzed to be entered to win a one-night stay at either location. Winner is to be announced Oct. 25.