THC BioMed ships first filtered joints

Published on September 29, 2020 by oz. staff

THC BioMed has shipped its first ‘cannabis sticks’ to the recreational market.

Announced more than a year ago by the Kelowna company, they are Canada’s first filtered pre-roll.

They’re filled with 0.6 grams of THC BioMed-grown weed.

The company says the new product will be also be shipped to other provinces.

The joints are rolled using an automated production machine in Kelowna that’s capable of producing up to 5,000 cigarettes per minute.

When the product was announced in June 2019, THC BioMed President and CEO John Miller called it “a better way of smoking cannabis.”

“I am predicting consumers will gravitate towards this finished type of product and the old way of rolling joints will be something of the past.”

Meanwhile, the company announced its THC Kiss—a 10mg THC shot—has been released for sale in Ontario.

Established in 2012, THC BioMed is Canada’s oldest active cannabis company.