‘Pure Cannabis Cigarettes’

Published on June 11, 2019 by David Wylie

A Kelowna company is the first in Canada to offer cannabis ‘cigarettes.’

Licensed cannabis producer THC BioMed says it’s the first in the country to automate the pre-rolling of cigarettes containing 100% cannabis — what they call “Pure Cannabis Cigarettes.”

They’ll come in packs of three and 20 and will have a commercial-grade cigarette filter. They don’t contain any tobacco.

John Miller, President and CEO of THC BioMed, called it “a better way of smoking cannabis.”

“I am predicting consumers will gravitate towards this finished type of product and the old way of rolling joints will be something of the past,” he says in a statement.

The Kelowna company is well positioned — doubling its number of strains and selling them as BC Cannabis Store exclusives, and announcing its production of THC Kiss, a cannabis-infused drink.

Back to the future

Automation changed the tobacco industry, and THC BioMed says this will do the same for pre-rolled weed.

The automated cigarette manufacturing plant is capable of producing up to 5,000 cigarettes per minute. The plant is inside THC BioMed’s Acland Road location along Highway 97 in Kelowna.

“We are pleased to be the first cannabis producer to put filters between the cannabis we are selling, and our consumers. Filters were invented to protect the consumer and not degrade the experience,” says Miller.

“We promise our Pure Cannabis Cigarettes will offer the same potency as our regular best-selling pre-rolls.”

Smokers could ditch tobacco for CBD cannabis, “which we think is better than smoking tobacco,” he says.

Pure Cannabis Cigarettes will be available soon for its medical patients, as well as in provinces with distribution agreements with THC BioMed.