WeedMD changes its ‘Color’

Published on June 7, 2019 by oz. staff

One of the market’s hottest brands has rebranded.

This week WeedMD launched ‘Color Cannabis.’

We weren’t the only one’s who cringed at the exclusion of the ‘U’ — some have even said they’ll boycott over the affront to our Canadian ways.

Others wondered why WeedMD would sell under a different name just as their strains — like Mango Haze, Pedro’s Sweet Sativa and Ghost Train Haze — have been gaining traction with consumers.

We guess the Ontario company is preparing to align with a U.S. company.

WeedMD’s senior vice-president of sales and marketing, Brett Moon, says it’s memorable and forward thinking.

“The brand is rooted on a simple insight: The world is no-longer seen in black and white,” says Moon.

“Color Cannabis aims to inspire our consumers to live life and experience cannabis in their own unique and personal way. With its punchy, memorable and uniquely-spelled brand name — coupled with stand-out colour schemes — consumers will appreciate the product inside this forward-thinking brand.”
Color will launch new product formats in the coming months including pre-rolls, oils and gel capsules with more consumption formats in development. It will offer up to 10 unique strains from WeedMD’s proprietary genetics collection.