Tinley’s drinks stumble in Ontario, working on new formulations

Published on January 31, 2023 by David Wylie

Photo: Contributed/newswire
Tinley’s announced in 2021 its full Canadian cannabis-infused beverage lineup, including sparking, ready-to-drink Tinleys Classics mocktails, and multiple-occasion, liqueur and sprits-inspired Tinleys ’27 varieties.

Tinley’s Beverages is still trying to find its way in the Canadian market.

The California-based company’s cannabis infused tonics and elixirs are widely available in the US, where its ‘Tinley’s ’27 Coconut Cask’ won the Emerald Cup in 2019.

That award winner was branded in Canada as ‘Smooth Coconut’ by Tinley’s 27, sold in a 150ml bottle in Ontario for $12.95. The company also sold Tinley’s Classics Mystic Dove in Ontario, a 350ml drink at $5.65.

The drinks appear not to have done so well.

Tinley’s now says its product development team is looking at beverage options that are “better suited” for Canadian consumers and Canadian regulations.

The company is in the process of working on the “re-introduction” of new beverages with a 10mg THC potency and infused with other novel cannabinoids, such as CBG.

“We see the new Tinley’s Classics ready-to-drink cannabis ‘mocktails’ as a product that will be well received by Canadian consumers,” says Tinley’s CEO Teddy Zittell.

“However, the long process in Canada of getting cannabis drinks from the development stage into the hands of consumers remains challenging for all cannabis beverage brands in Canada, including Tinley’s.”

Becketts ’27 & Becketts Classics in Canada

Tinley’s also announced plans to relaunch Becketts brands in Canada, starting in Ontario later this year.

This time around, drinks will be packed in 355ml aluminum cans, rather than bottles.

“For the Becketts ’27 product line, the reformulation reduced the stevia aftertaste and more closely matches the target spirit or liqueur profile,” says a news release from Tinley’s.

The company says it’s in advanced stage negotiations with two potential Ontario-based co-packers.

It’s looking at how to distribute in other provinces.

Tinley’s trades on the Canadian Stock Exchange under the ticker: TNY