Black Sunset by Bud Lafleur

Published on August 26, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.
Black Sunset from Bud Lafleur is a Hybrid flower.

As the brand name might suggest, I picked up Bud Lafleur’s Black Sunset in Quebec at an SQDC.

Black Sunset, a Hybrid dried flower at 22.7% THC, was recommended by the knowledgeable budtender in Gatineau.

The eighth came in a shiny green bag. Other than the logo, THC sign, and yellow warning box, the bag only said “Cultivé au Québec / Cultivated in Québec”

There was no smell after tearing off the top part of the bag to reveal the zipper. Opening the bag right up, there was still little smell, but if I put my nose right inside, there was some brightness.

It was a little shy of the 3.5-gram weight.

Two of the buds inside were pretty, dark coloured with orange hairs. They felt dense when pressed. The trim was good.

It ground up and rolled well.

However it didn’t burn great and went out a few times. The ash was greyish-black. There wasn’t much taste but it burned extremely smooth.

The high is conducive to creativity and expression.

The flower was a couple months old, packaged June 13, 2022. This had 2.355% terpenes.

Bud Lafleur has a variety of strains available in Québec, including Moby Dick, Citroli, and Purple Purl.

The company apologized back in 2018 for insinuating it was tied to hockey legend Guy Lafleur, who is openly opposed to pot.

That rumour persists, as the budtender told me it was connected to the former Montreal Canadiens’ right winger.

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