Blueberry Kush by Haven Street

Published on June 21, 2019 by Special to the oz.

By David Fernades

Peering into this strain is like looking into another world. Blueberry Kush just sparkled under the microscope with an abundant of trichomes encapsulating this beautiful plant. You’ll get high just looking at it! The strain has subtle hints of berry fruits and earthy grounds that give off a mild soil like scent that doesn’t seem to be a bother.

On your first toke you’ll feel very smooth and clean smoke that won’t blast a cough through you. And just like its dry smell, you will taste some of that berry goodness on your lips while exhaling, especially if you’re vaping. You’re greeted with that same fruity scent that’ll stick to your nose hairs for what will feel like forever.

At its peak level you’ll have the urge to do just about anything, but 30 minutes later and you’ll realize you’ve spent your time thinking about those activities instead of doing any of them. This indica-dominant strain is very relaxing and mellow after the peak drops off, best to dip into this in the evening rather than a busy morning or afternoon.