Blueberry Kush by Synr.g

Published on February 7, 2019 by Special to the oz.

This Blueberry Kush has an extraordinary fruit punch blast that will knock you off your feet and even have non-cannabis consumers wonder what and where that wonderful smell is coming from.

Its smoke has a noticeable fruit flavouring. Vaping will really extenuate that berry taste with a moderate skunky touch. This is an easy smoke, a comfortable one that is quite enjoyable.

You’ll be feeling its effects shortly after your session with a full-on relaxation mode of your body and mind without the couch lock. It’s the stuff you didn’t know you needed and of course, we all need it, you may not know you need it, but you still need it.

There are however several variations of blueberry and if you’re like me and have a soft spot for superbly well executed old-school strains then this is one of the best that you will get.

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