CBD Earth Vape by Purefarma

Published on April 2, 2021 by Jenny Neufeld

One good hit will leave you feeling calm and clear.

If you are like me and have only sampled classic THC vapes you expect to get high after drawing on this smooth and tasty cart. Instead the high-CBD Earth Vape by Purefarma has the good vibes without all the rest.

This is a full spectrum product which means the terpene and flavonoid profile is maintained from the plant for fuller flavours and effects. It also means there are possibly more cannabinoids than just CBD. So steer clear of full spectrum products if you wish to avoid THC all together as some may be present.

This vape has a robust earthy pine flavour with a peppery bite at the end, a pleasant surprise when I took my first hit. Sometimes with vapes you’ll still get that cannabis cough but not so with this one. Maybe a bit of a tickle with multiple hits but nothing that ruins the experience.

I would highly recommend this product for someone looking to find a fast acting CBD product that is discrete.