Hey Smokey, do your part to prevent fires

Published on July 1, 2021 by David Wylie

It’s already been a catastrophic fire season.

Temperatures into the 40s have made the woods drier than an eighth packed in 2019.

We don’t need to be risky with our weed; a little bit of common sense is good when it comes to preventing forest fires.

Here are some ways to avoid one hell of a downer while you’re out getting high:

  1. Avoid smoking in the woods, especially if it’s windy. In blustery conditions, save it for the concrete jungle where you can easily butt out on a sidewalk.
  2. On the trail, stick to the gravel or dirt path. It’s legal; you don’t have to hide in the underbrush.
  3. Consider dry-herb vaping or hitting a vape cart.
  4. Drinks are a perfect companion. You’re going to be thirsty anyway, so why not bring a few iced teas or sparkling waters to quench your thirst and get your buzz on.
  5. Don’t toss your joint absentmindedly. Put it out properly.

Send us a way you play it safe: [email protected].