Chowie Wowie Milk Chocolate

Published on June 11, 2020 by Curtis Woodcock


As a cannabis connoisseur, my tolerance has become decently high (no pun intended). However, these still pack a strong enough punch to be felt.

Given its low dose of THC, and my experience with grey market edibles, I expected to feel nothing. This was not the case, but I did need to eat both halves to get the effects I was looking for. This does not reflect the product itself – only my tolerance to THC.

Overall, there is a good chocolate taste, but it does resemble any other cheaper tasting milk chocolate out there. The flavour is not otherworldly amazing, but not a disappointing product. The plus side to the low dose and having two (5mg each) is that people new to edibles can try them safely, responsibly, and without anxiety. Overall, it gets my approval!

THC: 10mg, 2 doses (5mg each)

Effect: Mild to moderate 

Curtis Woodcock is a photographer, writer, and musician living in Kelowna, B.C. Cannabis has become a topic of interest and something that has been beneficial in his life. You can find him here or on Instagram @curtis.woodcock