Distilled THC 30 oil by Glacial Gold

Published on December 16, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

This cannabis oil from Glacial Gold is some of the best value on the legal market.

Glacial Gold’s Distilled THC 30 comes in a 30ml bottle with a dosed dropper on the end. There’s 855mg THC per bottle, and each drop contains 1mg of THC.

It costs about $30.

Produced by Nextleaf Labs using an alcohol extraction method, the THC is suspended in organic modified coconut oil.

The taste is nearly undetectable.

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The drops can be taken on their own, or mixed into food or drink. It’s not perfectly soluble and does leave a bit of a slick if you try to mix it into a beverage.

I like to put them onto a spoon with peanut butter.

Plan ahead when using this oil because the effect takes time to really sink in and it lasts for hours. It’s a relaxed, happy, and very functional high.

The bottle comes inside a bag, rather than a box. There is no syringe included, though it would have been a nice addition for those who are more precise with their dose. The metered drip top works well, with even drops. They do come out fast, so dosing can go from 5mg to 10mg in a real jiffy.

Glacial Gold has a number of different oil products from 1:1 to high-CBD. I’m interested in trying their different formulations because this one was great.