First Class Funk by Ghost Drops

Published on January 13, 2022 by David Wylie

First Class Funk is top notch, but pricey.

Grown by JBuds in the Okanagan and released under the Ghost Drops label, it smells earthy and dank.

The buds look good with tight trims.

First Class Funk is a high-THC (29.4%) cultivar, GMO and Jet Fuel Gelato cross. Total terpenes are 4.39%, dominant in Limonene, T-Caryophyllene, Terpineol, and B-Pinene.

Vaping is smooth with clouds at low temperatures.

In the grinder, the buds break into a fluffy consistency that rolls up well. It burns clean and smokes nice.

The jar is hot pink, unlike anything else on the market.

There’s a Boveda pack in the jar to keep it fresh. Not that it will be sitting on shelves gathering dust. The first drop sold out fast—even at its exorbitant price.

Even for great flower, the price point hurts. I paid nearly $60 for my eighth. Other brands have been bringing great quality buds from craft growers (even from JBuds) under their labels at a more affordable price for consumers.