Limonene & Sparkling Tonic by Hexo

Published on September 7, 2020 by Jenny Neufeld

With a name like House of Terpenes and its handsome glass bottle this beverage gives off classy adult vibes.

The flavour, as alluded to in the name, is a lovely lemon with herbal undertones. As with most 2.0 products there is that bitter aftertaste but it does not detract from the experience as it is not overpowering, it is well balanced. 

The balance also extends to the THC and CBD content, with 5mg of each. Because it is 1:1 I was not anticipating much of a high but I found it set me up for a wonderful evening of relaxation. 

After enjoying the subtly sweet sparkling lemon water, I was in the perfect headspace for some meditation and music appreciation. Though I could have just as readily slid into easy conversation with my partner.

I am curious whether there is any real amount of limonene in the product, which is said to have anti-inflammatory and anxiety reducing properties, or if they just are using the terpene’s flavour profile for inspiration.

Whether it has any limonene in it or not, I would definitely recommend this drink as a treat at the end of a long week. At $7.99 per bottle you certainly are treating yourself in comparison to other beverages on the market. But I am sure some more will make their way into our refrigerator in the future.