Is Pax Era worth the extra cost?

Published on March 12, 2020 by Katerina Bakalos

When I first saw Pax Era vaporizers come available to buy, I wasn’t sure why we needed to look any further than the 510-thread cartridges.

The market is just starting to become flooded with different brands and strains, so there are always new ones to interchange with these ubiquitous 510 batteries.

However, there has been an alarming number of cartridges that have been returned due to the single-end T-wick not being able to handle the viscosity of the distillate, causing clogging and burnt vapor. This creates an unpleasant experience with a very harsh haul on the throat and lungs.

I looked more into the Pax Era pods versus the 510-thread cartridges. The main differences I found are that the Pax Era pod has a dual wick, which gives a smooth haul, and it has a closed-loop system that can handle the thicker distillates without causing similar issues that the 510 seems to have.

Over time, you will notice you’ve consumed far less product. In other words, it saves money in the long run.

I sat down with Leigh Kinakin, sales representative with Great North Cannabis. He represents Solei, Broken Coast, QWEST, and RIFF. RIFF has come out with one of the first PAX Era pods available on the market. They offer a robust Jean Guy X Super Lemon Haze Sativa and a gnarly Grand Daddy Purps X Sour Kush Indica.

I was excited to know Leigh had brought a battery with him to demonstrate. One word: Bluetooth! This smart device is controlled by their Pax app that the consumer can download for free on their device. The Pax Era controls temperature down to one degree — the low temperature being perfect for captivating the natural terpene profiles offered by each strain and high temperatures giving off optimal cannabinoids with each inhale. Expect to make an Al Pacino-style “Hoo-ah!” sound when you exhale.

This device allows new software updates and can put a lock to prevent children (or that pesky friend who won’t get their own) from using it. The app will show you battery life and level of product left in the pod, giving ample amount of time to charge so you’re always good to go.

All in all I’m impressed with its capabilities. The only idea I can bring to the table for the next software update is to add a location beacon for all of us stoners out there who misplace things. A simple beeping sound until we find it would do the trick.

Katerina Bakalos is owner/operator of Green Gaia Cannabis Co., with locations in Penticton and Summerland. Follow her on Instagram @OkanaganGreenGaia and find out more about the stores at Photo credit to Pax Instagram.