Juice Shot by Loop Parallel

Published on May 20, 2021 by Jenny Neufeld

This little bottle sure packed a punch.

The ’70s colours and styling used for the branding and the healthy hipster flavour combo definitely intrigued me. Together they seem to create a cool hippy vibe for the Turmeric Clementine Black Pepper Juice Shot by Loop Parallel.

I’ve read that black pepper helps to activate turmeric’s health benefiting properties. That combination along with 10 mg of CBD and some citrusy clementine for sweetness and flavour made sense to me.

According to its official description, this juice shot is “Small batch, hand crafted, from high quality rescued Canadian fruit and vegetables. Powered up with CBD. Sustainable elixirs for your everyday.” That’s pretty much the extent of the information I could find about it—and the producing company. The website on the bottle does not seem to exist and there is very little on Loop Parallel’s Facebook and Instagram, which is a bit odd.

Nonetheless, when I popped open the bottle, my nose was hit with a strong peppery smell. A little apprehensive at that point I took only a small sip. There was most certainly turmeric and black pepper, both of those flavours came through loud and clear, the orangey clementine got a little lost but was still discernible. I was not sure I was going to be able to finish due to the intensity of the flavour, but I managed.

I was rewarded with a very pleasant evening. Feeling very relaxed and happy I enjoyed my time spent with my partner after a busy and somewhat stressful day. This really hit the mark on effect.

I’m truly on the fence about this product. I loved the effect but the flavour was quite overwhelming. If I were to buy it again I think I would try diluting it with some water or orange juice, or possibly using something with bubbles to create a CBD mocktail.

They retail for about $8.