Kiss Gummies by THC BioMed

Published on July 8, 2021 by David Wylie

Have you ever had an awkward make-out partner?

THC Kiss Gummies are like that—an experience that should be enjoyable, but leaves you feeling kinda icky.

Opening up the package, four gummies all melted into one tumbled out. They ripped apart with a bit of force, stretching like putty.

They’re initially alluring with a nice strawberry smell.

Then the Kiss touches your mouth… bland and bitter. It takes a lot of chewing to break it down.

Produced by Kelowna-based THC BioMed, there is 2.5mg of THC in each gummy. The THC is extracted from THC BioMed’s Sativa Landrace strain.

The effect is decent; however, these gummies are more like kissing grandma than a lover.

At least they’re cheap at $3.99.