Pipe Dream by Broken Coast

Published on December 10, 2020 by David Wylie


Pipe Dream by Broken Coast is top shelf.

I haven’t reviewed flower in ages. Most of what I’ve had is meh on some level, so Cannabis 2.0 has been my main thing with all it has to offer: drinks, gummies, oils, vapes, chocolates.

However, Pipe Dream punched me back into the world of good-ol’-fashioned bud.

My sinuses were seriously tingling from vaping the 22.2% THC Sativa-dominant proprietary cultivar.

It put me in a creative space.

The BC-grown bud was packaged on Oct. 19 and it’s dank and dense. I got four nice nugs in my $37 eighth, including two really pretty ones. The smell is bright, with hints of … nostalgia.

The dominant terpenes are myrcene and caryophyllene.

Some have guessed Pipe Dream comes from Blue Dream lineage, but Broken Coast says she doesn’t have any Blue Dream in her.

I’ll be buying this again.