Shishkaberry by Seven Oaks

Published on May 31, 2019 by Special to the oz.

By David Fernades
Cannabis Sommelier

This Shishkaberry’s aroma is fruit berry alongside a scent of a fresh forest after a steady rainfall. We’ve all been all caught by nature’s watery wrath during an afternoon session back in high school.

Shishkaberry produces light smoke with that same fantastic fruit flavouring that after exhaling will give you a green grape like aftertaste. Exhaling from the nose and that grape flavour becomes a scent that’s however, not very long lasting but still enough to put a smile anyone’s face. Shishkaberry hits nearly all the senses, and your body will tell you that during and after your session.

This Indica dominant hybrid’s effects begin with a gentle cascading wave of weightlessness throughout your body with a moderate head heaviness that’s quite massaging at first. At it peaks your mind will be racing with what feels like unconnected thoughts and ideas that seem to go on forever. Your body, on the other hand, remains in stasis, albeit a very comfortable one. About twenty minutes later and you’ll be able to navigate yourself with relative ease but at a more relaxed pace, and truly, isn’t that really all we’re looking for when a good peak subsides? Yes. Yes indeed.

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