God Bud by Redecan

Published on March 7, 2019 by Special to the oz.

This mixed strain has a scent of its own. The moment you open the canister you’ll be hit with an odour that’ll make you wonder “Is this pine? Or cedar with some fruit berry of some sort?” There’s a lot packed into these large dense buds. This strain’s unique scent and history will have you racing to consume it to answer the thought of “What is this going to be like?”

You will taste those berry flavours on your first toke and especially if you’re vaping this strain. Exhaling from the nose and you are treated with an intense fruit blast that will, unfortunately, fade somewhat after a few tokes. The smoke is gentle and will not cause you to cough even when you take a deep pull. It won’t dry out your throat as quickly as some other strains may, so you won’t necessarily need liquids on hand.

It won’t take long for you to feel this indica’s effect as it warps your mind, or so it’ll feel like it. The head heaviness will feel like a well-deserved massage through your cranium that glides down your shoulders into your body. You’ll be in a very mellow state of mind as you reach peak level, which will give you a relaxing couch crash if you let it. Best to take this at night after a long day or for a great sleep – but beware, you’ll probably empty out your fridge before God Bud begins to subside.

— Special to the oz.