SLK Live Resin Vape by Greybeard

Published on March 4, 2021 by David Wylie

Photo: David Wylie/the oz.
Greybeard's SLK Live Resin 510-thread cart.

Tasty and potent, Greybeard’s SLK live resin vape stands out in a crowded category.

It’s a more naturally cannabis tasting vape experience than other carts that focus on certain flavours.

Greybeard says the resin used in the carts starts from the same resin as its Terp Slush dab products. The live resin is made with extract sourced from fresh cannabis grown outdoors at the Thrive farm in Simcoe, Ont., where crops are flash-frozen, suspending the cannabinoids and terpenes until extracted through a butane process.

The half-gram 510-thread cart contains a notable amount of terpenes at 7%.

It’s also more potent than many other vape carts on the market, at 88% THC.

It’s packaged in a stylish tin and retails for about $50, plus taxes in BC.

Overall, Greybeard is making a name for itself. There is a buzz around its ‘top cola’ Afghani Drifter flower, as well as its high-terpene, high-potency concentrates.

Greybeard’s parent company, Thrive Cannabis, is behind the innovative CBD and THC Strips under the brand name, Being.