Spiced Apple Cider by HYTN

Published on December 9, 2022 by Jenny Neufeld

Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

The Spiced Apple Cider Sparkling Beverage by HYTN tastes like the holidays. It looks like them too in its bright green can with a festive take on HYTN’s logo for extra cheer.

The scent is sweet with some cinnamon spice, like a mulled cider. The taste is strong, almost overwhelming in the first sip but it settles into a balanced flavour. The real fruit juice adds an authenticity and complexity I haven’t typically associated with cannabis beverages.

I could have done without the carbonation, personally, as that would have been a more traditional apple cider vibe but it wouldn’t put me off enjoying another. This is certainly the best executed HYTN beverage, they seem to have figured out how to avoid the pitfalls of their summer sparkling waters

Providing 10mg of THC with a price of $4.99 at the BCCS this is certainly a budget friendly way to celebrate the season. I would recommend pairing one of these with watching the Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special on Disney Plus for an extra fun and festive evening.