Strawberry Cannabis Lemonade by Ray’s Lemonade

Published on February 23, 2024 by David Wylie

The reddish hue of Ray's Lemonade Strawberry Cannabis Lemonade. Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Strawberry Cannabis Lemonade by Ray’s Lemonade is one of the yummiest cannabis drinks available.

The name and logo are a bit kitschy, so I didn’t really have high hopes when I bought it. I figured it would be another weird tasting drink with that icky oily finish. I was wrong.

Cracking open a Ray’s Strawberry Lemonade can, the fruit smell jumps right out along with the fizzy bubbles.

The taste is sweet and tart, like a tropical pop. The strawberry flavour is delicious—and actually tastes like strawberry. The lemonade tang doesn’t get lost either. There is none of that weird cannabis bitterness at the backend.

The effect came on fast and had me buzzing. It’s 10mg THC.

Ray’s Strawberry Lemonade has 33 grams of sugar, so you may get a little kick from the cane sugar too.

My only complaint was that the excise tax stamp was pasted right over top of the mouth hole, one of my pet peeves.

Ray’s Infused Lemonade is based in Washington State, and it’s produced in Canada by Peak Processing Solutions.

The Ray’s Lemonade drink is solid. This is about as good as weed drinks get.

I would buy this again and am looking forward to trying other drinks from Ray’s Lemonade.