Watermelon gummy by Kanha

Published on March 18, 2021 by Jenny Neufeld

This gummy sets itself apart from the others with its unique shape and beautiful teal colour.

Kanha is part of a Californian based family of brands that has formed a partnership with Reef Organics to bring their gummies to Canada. While Reef is based on our Eastern shores, Kanha’s West coast influence is obvious.

I was not able to figure out how to get into the package without a pair of scissors, but once I did I was greeted with a delicious sweet, fruity aroma. Inside was a single thin, round, sugar-coated disk with an unexpected teal colouration.

This pleasurable experience continued as the gummy hit my tongue. The sugar coating was not overpowering, rough or hard and the flavour had wonderful floral notes. However, once I bit into the gummy things took a turn for the worse.

The consistency was a lot more rubbery than expected. I understood immediately why they had given it the thinner shape, I believe in an effort to offset the extra chewiness. While I applaud the effort, I did not find it to be successful in the end.

As the effect began to take hold, I was a bit more willing to forgive at least part of the textural blunder. According to Reef’s website they infuse these gummies with an extract from their Ghost Train Haze strain. This seemed to create a bit of a different effect than the average gummy. Generally, I have found edible highs to be mainly indistinguishable one from another. This high was more of a head-high than a body high, and I didn’t feel as couch-locked as I usually do after consuming an edible.

Despite these distinguishing characteristics, with a price tag of $8.99 for a single gummy with 10 mg of THC, I would not purchase this product again, not with other more pleasantly textured and cheaper offerings to choose from.