Can you get lifted on the chairlift?

Published on November 22, 2018 by David Trifunov

Just because it’s legal, don’t think that you’ll be able to smoke and ski.

Both Big White and Silver Star in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley are approaching their first winters since legalization in Canada with caution, their representatives told the oz.

Trevor Hanna, Big White’s vice-president of hospitality, said smoking is already strictly controlled atop the ski hill.

“We have a no-smoking policy inside the resort, anyways,” he said.

About two years ago – as it began unveiling more summertime attractions – the resort area adopted a smoking ban to help control the threat of wildfires.

It doesn’t matter what you smoke, and it doesn’t matter there’s virtually no threat of forest fires from December to March.

That ban will extend to vaping, smoking and toking during ski season, too, Hanna said.

One of our readers messaged Big White after we published.

He did admit, however, it won’t be that easy for Big White staff.

“The challenge we’re going to have, quite honestly, is going to be enforcement,” Hanna said.

Cities and towns were more than 30 days into legalization before Big White welcomed its first skiing customer up the hill in mid-November.

“Just like everybody, we’re trying to find our way on how this is really going to affect us,” Hanna said.

Across the valley at Silver Star, the approach is much the same.

“In the interest of promoting a safe, healthy and beautiful environment, SilverStar Mountain is smoke free,” Ian Jenkins, sales and marketing director, wrote in an emailed statement. “A specific, designated “smoking area” is available within the village.

“This policy is specific to smoking of any kind (tobacco, cannabis or vaping).”

Good talk

Skiing and smoking are more than just friends, right? So this will be a different winter atop ski resorts across Canada.

Won’t it?

It’s not necessarily uncommon to catch a whiff of something while you’re on the chairlift, and we’re not talking about pine trees.

Hanna isn’t so sure there will be many changes, though.

“This sky isn’t falling,” he said. “I’m hoping there’s going to be some moderation and some understanding as to how the policy actually affects Canadians.”

He also suggested legalization has made it possible to talk about – and enforce – responsible use of marijuana. “We’re just having a more open conversation about it.”

Comments on our Reddit post

I asked them about this (Photo above). Looks like patios that allow cigarette smoking will be allowed. I think as long as you’re not a jackass about it won’t be a big deal just like it has been for decades. And realistically, they don’t want people getting fried and blasting down the hill. Some of us can get into that flow state but many can’t. (LeaningOnTheSun)

I’m high before I even get on the hill, you can’t stop me. (WizardWell)

Lol they don’t care if you’re high, they literally just don’t want people smoking as a blanket policy. (whatsize98)

My thinking is that they have bars there so…. (OkanaganZ)

HAHAHAHA inhale AHAHAHAHAHA (Cyranodequebecois)