Pioneers of straight-roll joints

Published on February 5, 2021 by David Wylie

Redecan's custom pre-roll machine has been one of the key factors in its success.

Making Redees isn’t as easy as it you might think.

It took cannabis producer Redecan two years of R&D to create the process of manufacturing their highly popular straight-rolled joints—and even longer to really nail it.

“I remember when I transitioned from tobacco to cannabis, I was a little bit naïve. The first thing I thought was ‘OK we’re going to throw some cannabis into this machine and we’re going to get joints,’” says Redecan co-founder Will Montour in an interview with the oz.

The 10-packs of tight little joints with cardboard filters are completely unique in the Canadian cannabis market; all others are cone shaped.

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Redees have steadily increased in popularity to become the bestselling pre-roll, with millions manufactured to date.

“It is interesting and people wonder how and why we’re the only ones on the market with them,” he says. “That I don’t have an absolute answer for.”

However, his best guess is Redecan’s ownership team, made up of the Montour, Redekop, and Hill families.

They have lots of experience both manufacturing tobacco products and cultivating cannabis.

The Redee, they say, is the perfect marriage of the two.

How exactly do they make Redees?

As for how they’re made, Montour is reluctant to go into details about exactly what happens in their Ontario manufacturing facility, located in the Niagara Region.

“We have a retrofitted cigarette roller,” he says. “That’s no secret. That is the only way you’re going to get that signature straight-rolled joint with the filter applied.”

But some parts of the process are proprietary.

Montour says people have been trying to figure out how they’re manufacturing Redees. As of yet, there is nothing close. THC BioMed announced the production and shipment of the first ever filtered joints, made using a cigarette machine at their Kelowna facility. However, there is no sign of them being carried yet in any stores.

Redecan promotes ‘A Perfect 10’

While others play catch up, Redecan has packed their joints with Outlaw, Cold Creek Kush, Wappa, God Bud, and Shishkaberry strains.

They’ve also continued to hone the process.

“We’ve completely perfected the weight of the joint, the draw of the joint; what you’re getting every time is consistency, a smooth burn, a nice clean burn,” he says.

In return, sales are going through the roof, he says.

“It’s finally getting some of the recognition it deserves.”

Redecan has launched a campaign to promote the Redee, called ‘A Perfect 10’—as that’s how many come in a pack.