Volume 2 starts with a slice of pineapple

Published on April 18, 2022 by oz. staff

Vol. 2, Iss. 1 of the oz. magazine is available online and in cannabis stores now.

The Spring 2022 issue of the oz. magazine is here!

In the first instalment of Volume 2, our cover story is about Pineapple Buds—a cannabis micro-cultivator in the South Okanagan. Kyra Horvath and Laine Keyes grow great weed using deep-water techniques, including Pineapple Party and Hawaiian Pineapple. Photographer Mason Klein took some amazing snapshots throughout the spread.

“Every time we release a new issue, I say this is the best one yet, and I know it’s getting cliché. But I mean it every time,” says David Wylie, journalist and publisher of the oz.

“It means we are maturing, and growing, and striving to be better.”

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Free copies of Volume 2, Issue 1 will make their way to more and more cannabis stores throughout in April. Copies will also be available at the BC Cannabis Summit in Kelowna April 20-22.

A new feature called High Resolution makes its debut in this edition, with a centre-spread photo shot by Craig Barker and Kyle LeGrow.

This edition was made possible by our advertising partners, including purveyors of great weed: Dunn Cannabis, Pistol and Paris, MTL Cannabis, and Smoker Farms. Companies across the industry support the oz., including Nitrotin, Okanagan Cannabis Tours, Spiritleaf stores in the Okanagan, the BC Cannabis Summit, Greentech, The Cannabis Potcast, and tok case.

“Of course, if it weren’t for all the people who read, share and subscribe, there would be no magazine,” says Wylie.

Flip through the digital edition:

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