Episode 5: We survived an Instagram ban

Published on February 11, 2021 by oz. staff

In Episode 5, we talk to Redecan co-founder Will Montour. PLUS, We survived back-to-back Instagram suspensions. AND, reviews of Legend dark chocolate and 48North Green Crush.


David Wylie and Jenny Neufeld from the oz. are your hosts.

Will Montour tells us how Redecan made the most popular pre-roll joints in Canada. You can also read our feature story on the oz. [2:42]

David says 48North Green Crush falls a little flat. [12:00]

Jenny finds Legend dark chocolate is a yummy treat. [14:25]

A heartbreaking loss: it cost us dozens and dozens of beautiful bud photos, but we had to take action to protect our Instagram account from being permanently banned. [16:28]