Filtered cannabis joints easier said than done

Published on March 19, 2021 by oz. staff

THC BioMed appears to be struggling to produce its filtered cannabis joints.

The company says it’s hired a consultant “to carry out an enhancement project on the company’s automated cannabis cylinder machine to improve cannabis cylinder production and add automated packaging to the process.”

Kelowna-based THC BioMed announced almost two years ago in mid-2019 they were in production. Then in September 2020, they said they shipped their first ‘cannabis sticks’ to the recreational market. However, there is no sign of them being carried yet in any stores.

Now they’ve announced a consultant will be granted 500,000 stock options to get the rolling machine working.

The majority of those stock options are granted once the machine is working and three batches of ‘cannasticks’ have been rolled and packaged.

“The consultant has more than 30 years’ experience in use of the type of automated machine used by THC BioMed in making its cannabis cylinders/Cannasticks,” says the company.

“He was instrumental in originally adapting THC BioMed’s machine to cannabis from its prior use.”