Glacial Gold finding a foothold in vapes and oils

Published on June 2, 2022 by David Wylie

CBD oil drips from a Glacial Gold dispenser Photo: Contributed
Glacial Gold makes the most potent CBD drops on the Canadian legal market.

A relatively new player in the legal market, prohibition-era Glacial Gold has been taking a growing share of the oil and vapes market.

They are behind a unique product on the cannabis market.

Vancouver-based Nextleaf Solutions has released the most potent CBD product on the market, among their lineup of differently formulated oils. They also sell a variety of 510-thread vapes.

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Glacial Gold continues to establish itself as one of the best-selling brands in vapes and CBD oil. I’m proud of our team for competing head-to-head against the largest cannabis companies in the world, and winning our key categories,” said Nextleaf co-founder and CEO, Paul Pedersen.

The company says that during the second quarter it sold more vapes and oils in BC than Canopy Growth, Tilray Brands, Aurora Cannabis, Organigram, Sundial, The Valens Company, and Medipharm Labs.

The company recently announced its quarterly earnings.