Blue Ninety Eight by Riff

Published on May 14, 2020 by Curtis Woodcock

Riff’s Blue Ninety Eight certainly does not disappoint.

The first thing to note is its price. It is on the lower end of what eighths (3.5 g) can cost. It comes in at the low $20 mark depending on the dispensary and if it’s on sale.

It has a mild delightful smell.  The sweet and almost citrus notes hit, just slightly, first quickly followed by a dank earthy smell. Personally, I am not a fan of the really earthy smelling strains. The effects are great, but I do not enjoy the smell as much, which is an important part of the experience. This brings me to the point of its perfectly balanced aroma – not too much on the earthy end and not too overloaded with citrus, either.

It is listed as a high-potency strain so I was expecting to be knocked on my behind. However, this was not the feeling that ensued. Now normally that build up means that it was underwhelming or a bad strain. This is not the case with this. I was still lulled into a lovely sleep and it is wonderfully calming for the evening. It is a great accompaniment to your favourite TV show, movie, game, or album. It pairs wonderfully with an evening meditation or meditative music.

It is an Indica-dominant strain with a potency of 17%-23% THC and 0%-10% CBD. It is greenhouse grown and the nugs are usually a very enjoyable size. My only issue with quality was that three out of the four times I have purchased this strain it was dried out. The smell was still there and the potency still seemed to be at full strength; however, I am a little let down when I get dry product. Overall though I recommend this strain, great value, medium high for a high-potency strain, and a lovely balanced aroma. 

Feelings: Calm, happy, pain relief, sleepy

Activities: Meditation, TV, movies, music, sleep, reading

Curtis Woodcock is a photographer, writer, and musician living in Kelowna, B.C. Cannabis has become a topic of interest and something that has been beneficial in his life. You can find him here or on Instagram @curtis.woodcock

(Photo credit: inkedajax/Reddit)