Mexican Drinking Chocolate by Phat420

Published on March 18, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

This drink was not what I expected.

If you’re looking for a sweet cup of soothing cocoa, you won’t find it with Mexican Drinking Chocolate by Phat420.

I’m no stranger to spicy food, and I expected a bit of heat seeing that cayenne is one of the ingredients listed. But I admit I was unprepared for exactly how picante this was going to be.

Three sips in and my nose was runny. After about seven sips I was considering pre-emptive Pepto Bismol. About halfway through, I got the heat hiccups.

Near the end, I filled the glass up with milk and through sheer willpower gulped it down because I refused to dump $10 down the drain.

On the positive side, it smells good when you open it. There is a subtleness of chocolate and spiciness, however the nutmeg and cloves stand out the most. Unfortunately, the intriguing smell doesn’t translate into flavour.

As for packaging, the chocolate drinking mix was packaged only in the one bag, avoiding the double packaging that some products use.

It’s cool to see a hot chocolate-type drink out there now. But this one is not to my taste.