Sparkling Dark Cherry and Blood Orange by Little Victory

Published on November 12, 2020 by Jenny Neufeld

These bright bottles have sassy feminine charm.

With only 2.5 mg of THC balanced with an equal amount of CBD, this is another Hexo drink that hits harder than it has the right to. I got a nice happy, relaxed buzz, perfect for an afternoon off.

They are both fun, fruity and bubbly. The Blood Orange flavour reminded me strongly of the orange fountain pop I loved as a kid. Unfortunately, the Dark Cherry variety tasted too medicinal, like cough syrup.

These are lighter than their House of Terpene Limonene and Myrcene counterparts, which are 5 mg,  so I might offer an orange one to a cannabis novice who is interested in trying an edible. However, at $5.99 each these were a neat novelty but not something I would want to stock my fridge with.