THC Citrus Shot by Aurora

Published on August 19, 2020 by Jenny Neufeld

I felt like Alice in Wonderland drinking Aurora’s THC Citrus Shot from its little bottle. It certainly packs a punch with 10mg of THC in this potent orange concoction.

When I first cracked open the bottle it smelled distinctly of oranges with a hint of that classic cannabis scent. The flavour took me back to my childhood. It was like licking the weird frozen orange juice concentrate off my fingers after my mom would ask me to mix up a jug for a family breakfast on the weekend. That being said I didn’t hate it.

Citrus is a classic flavour to accompany cannabis and certainly works in this as well. Though as I mentioned it is a bit intense. This product is water soluble so if I pick up another in the future I would likely thin it out with some water (either flat or bubbly) so I can enjoy getting high more mindfully. However, this also works to get your buzz on quick without any fuss.

To compare this THC shot to the Deep Space beverage, which is also a 10mg THC hit and rings in at 100 calories with 21g of sugar, this shot has only 25 calories with 3g of sugar – an alternative for those of us who like to steer clear of sugary pop like drinks.