Variety of soft drinks by XMG

Published on June 17, 2022 by David Wylie

Photo: Jenny Neufeld/the oz.

All four varieties of XMG sodas suffer from the same flaw—they taste a little… off.

There are already a couple of established players in the cannabis-infused pop market and they are booth excellent tasting products, Keef and Sweet Justice.

Hexo’s brand, XMG, has the largest variety of soda pops, with Cola, Cream Soda, Root Beer, and Orange pop.

All four smell great and the carbonation is on point. It’s the taste that falls short.

XMG Cola

This tastes kind of like a cross between Coke and Canopy Growth’s Deep Space drink, in that it has a cough syrup-like taste. The taste actually gets worse the closer you get to the bottom of the can.

XMG Cream Soda

This flavour tastes quite sugary. It comes close to a traditional cream soda flavour with its vanilla notes. While it doesn’t have as much of a cough syrup tinge (perhaps hidden by all the sugar), it still has a bitterness that throws it off.

XMG Root Beer

The Root Beer flavour is the most bitter with distillate taste out of the bunch. By the end of the can, it was really difficult to force myself to swallow the last few sips because of the combination of bitter flavour and cough syrup.

XMG Orange Soda

The best way to describe the Orange Soda is sickly sweet. Again, it’s bitter like the other three flavours; however, that almost melds into the orange flavour creating a bit of a grapefruit taste.

Final thoughts on XMG sodas

So far, these drinks are the worst tasting entry into the soda pop category (other than Deep Space, if you would classify that as cola). They’re similarly priced to other drinks at $6 for 355ml. They each pack more than 40 grams of sugar so expect a sugar buzz along with your high.

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(Even their logo is confusing. XMG, right? Or MXG…? No XMG. And now I’ve gotta Google it to double check again.)