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Stylish streetwear from Pistol and Paris apparel

Published on March 18, 2022 by oz. staff

This diamond-stitched jacket is one of Pistol and Paris' clothing designs.

Dylan King is energized when people like his designs enough to wear them.

“If you have people walking around in Pistol and Paris shirts, it has people talking,” says King, founder and CEO of Pistol and Paris. “That really is what inspires me to do what I’m doing.”

Pistol and Paris was initially envisioned as an apparel line, before flying high as a cannabis brand. Now, the company has given a fresh look to its website—helping to highlight its apparel line, and at the same time, deepen relationships with supporting retailers through their retail portal.

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There is a strong relationship between cannabis and branded clothing, says King.

“Brand recognition is just as important as great weed,” he says.

Pistol and Paris’ various cannabis products are currently available across five provinces, including its Orange Tingz and Black Triangle flower—grown by top-notch micros, such as JBuds and Verte West. Their Blackberry Breath and Legendary Larry pre-rolls are also popular.

Along with choosing their growers carefully, Pistol and Paris holds high standards for who’s making their apparel; all their clothing is made in North America.

Pistol and Paris is looking at coming out with more exclusive, premium wardrobe items. For example, King is working on a crewneck made by the same company that Drake uses for the OVO clothing brand. Even more clothing styles are in the works, including athletic wear such as tank tops, shorts, sandals, track suits and cropped hoodies.

Design work is done by King and his wife Brittany.

It’s important that not everything screams cannabis, he says. While many people like the fun, “Life is too short for bad weed” shirt, there has to be a balance of subtlety.

“People like the style of my apparel. People like my brand and like my brand message. Over and above that, they have to like the look and fit,” says King. “Anything that I put out there, I have to feel comfortable wearing. Having people love a piece of clothing that I’ve designed really excites me.”

Retailers interested in carrying Pistol and Paris apparel can contact them through the retailer portal. Retailers can get Pistol and Paris apparel at cost and anything that doesn’t sell can be returned.

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