Summer Edition features tourism, sustainability, and Dunn

Published on July 15, 2022 by oz. staff

Copies of the oz. are on display in Spiritleaf Kelowna
Volume 2 Issue 2 of the oz. magazine is now available in select cannabis stores.

The Summer 2022 issue of the oz. magazine is here!

Dunn Cannabis is featured on the cover and throughout an eight-page spread that includes an in-depth Q&A with founder Logan Dunn. Photographer John McDonald and writer David Wylie toured the Abbotsford, B.C. flagship micro. Dunn also has a unique partnership with BZAM, as well as partnerships with other growers. Read inside about how they’ve been preparing for upcoming farmgate opportunities.

“How often do you get a front-row seat on such a significant societal change as the legalization of a psychoactive drug? Bring on the popcorn,” says magazine contributor McDonald.

The Dunn Cannabis cover story is also highlighted by some amazing shots taken by Session Highlife.

Last Hit personal essay

Meanwhile, Velvet Kavanagh penned the Last Hit column, a regular essay-style contribution that closes out the issue. She wrote about her arrest and search by police in Kelowna years ago over having a single joint. She was then dragged through court.

“We often talk about the stigma society has about cannabis. But what about the internalized stigma of decades of having to hide what we do?” she says. “I recount an experience 30 years ago, and how that shaped what I do today.”

Cannabis tourism a new frontier

In his column, founder and publisher David Wylie discusses cannabis tourism’s place in the zeitgeist.

“Cannabis tourism is becoming the talk of the town,” he says.

“Personally, I’m really excited for farmgate and also to be hosting an exclusive tour with Okanagan Cannabis Tours on Oct. 1. Support for the magazine keeps reaching new highs. We’re really happy to be collaborating with so many cool people.”

Copies coming to Ontario and Quebec

Free copies of Volume 2, Issue 2, will make their way to more and more cannabis stores throughout July and August.

In fact, Wylie and associate editor Jenny Neufeld will be hitting up Toronto, Ottawa, and Montreal in early August to distribute magazines to stores in person.

This latest edition was made possible by our advertising partners, new and returning, including purveyors of great weed: Dunn Cannabis, MTL Cannabis, LowKey, Pineapple Buds, BZAM, Buddy Homburg, Smoker Farms. Companies across the industry are also represented, including Okanagan Cannabis Tours, Tok Cases, Herbiture, Spiritleaf stores in the Okanagan, Bluewater Cannabis in the South Okanagan, Seed to Soul in Armstrong, BC, Glenmore Cannabis in Kelowna, and last—but not least—Wylie Coyote Painting. We even have a lawyer, Varga Law.

Thank you to our media partners — The Cannabis Potcast, StratCann, and The Daily Courier.

“When I was a teenager, ” says Wylie, “My dad used to yell at me when he caught me ‘smoking marijuana.’ Now he’s an advertiser in the magazine. What a wonderful world.”

Flip through the digital edition of Volume 2, Issue 2:

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