Fully Blasted gummies by Sourz

Published on April 26, 2024 by David Wylie

Packages of Fully Blasted Sourz Photo: David Wylie/the oz.

Fully Blasted gummies from Sourz hit the spot between deliciousness and price.

I love inexpensive edibles, especially since they’ve been handcuffed by regulators to only contain 10mg of THC in the package.

When No Future gummies dropped in 2023, at a cost of $3, to “reset the floor price of legal market gummies across Canada,” I expected more edibles to immediately pop up at that price range.

It’s taken over half a year, but it finally happened.

One of my favourite infused-gummy brands, Sourz, recently released its response to No Future, with its own $3 edibles. (They were recently on sale for $2.40—the cheapest I’ve seen a quality edible on the legal cannabis market.

Sourz has three flavours of Fully Blasted 10mg gummies: Blue Raspberry Watermelon, Cherry Lime, and Pink Lemonade. They’re all flavours available in their regular gummies, too. The differences are that they only contain THC—no minor cannabinoids—and there’s only one gummy per package, rather than the usual five.

The flavours are on point, but they do have a bit more bitterness to them from the amount of extract needed to infuse 10mg into one small candy.

Overall, these are great and have replaced No Future gummies in my regular rotation when I’m craving infused sweets.