8 cannabis products that stood out in 2023

Published on December 8, 2023 by David Wylie

BZAM Juicy Jet Pack is one of this year's notable cannabis products. Photo: David Wylie/the oz.
We haven't been brave enough yet to spark up another BZAM Juicy Jet Pack infused joint.

We reviewed about 50 different cannabis products this year across most categories. Among them were some standouts—as well as some real stinkers.

We’ve compiled eight products from our reviews in 2023 that stood out from the rest, for better or for worst.

Here’s our list of the most memorable cannabis products this year:


Best flower: Super Lemon Haze by 1964

This was my go-to summer smoke; not often does something make me genuinely sad to finish it off.

As soon as I opened the bag and smelled 1964’s Organic Super Lemon Haze—a classic Sativa—I knew I was about to get super high. The 14-gram bag was busting with a bright lemon smell and grinding the dense buds released a whole other layer of sour skunky funk.

All 15 buds were neatly trimmed with just the right amount of springiness and stickiness.

A cross of Lemon Skunk and Super Silver Haze, it gave an intense buzz.

(Pink Tingz by Allday Cannabis, grown by JBuds in Summerland, BC, and Purple G*ushers by Pineapple Buds in Oliver were close runners up.)


Juicy Jet Pack by BZAM joints on the packaging

Fly me to the moon… Juicy Jet Pack by BZAM

Nothing got us more fucked up this year than the Juicy Jet Pack by BZAM.

There were four infused pre-rolls packed in the doob-tube, two Magic Melon and two Grape Gas. It’s a good use of space. They are rolled with THC distillate, and terpenes.

We still have two of these unsmoked because neither of us have been brave enough to light up another. Not to mention they are heavy on the lungs with thick smoke that looks almost greasy.


BC OZ Raspberry Ice bugs spill out of the bag

Best value for bud: Raspberry Ice by BC OZ

Joint Venture Craft Cannabis has made a name for itself this year for its budget ounces. So far, Raspberry Ice by BC OZ has been the best of the three BC OZs I’ve tried.

All have been decent, and ranging in price from $100 to $130, they are excellent value.

Buying an ounce can sometimes feel like a gamble because once you get it, you’re smoking it for a while. These can be hit and miss, based on other consumers’ experience, so choose wisely and ask for the packaging date.


No Future gummies are pictured

Munchiest edibles: No Future

In the wake of too-high THC ‘lozenges’ being cancelled by Health Canada, No Future gummies by Indiva hit the market with a weird and chaotic marketing campaign.

The bargain-basement-priced edibles are just under $3 a pack, and they’re pretty gosh darn tasty.

Each flavour is named by colour; Blue One, Orange One, Green One, and Purple One.

They are 10mg THC each.

I buy these in bulk for when I’m feeling munchy.


Best experience overall: Infused Cannagar by Buddy Homburg

Canada’s first legal “cannagar” was an absolute treat to smoke. The Infused Cannager by Buddy Homburg is a two-gram cannabis cigar, packed with Panama Gold flower rolled in hemp wrap with a corn husk filter.

It’s infused with CBG, CBD, and other terpenes, creating a taste that’s distinctly herbal—like nothing else I’ve smoked on the legal market.

This smokes smooth. It burns consistently (and seemingly forever!) with light grey ash.


Hardest-hitting vape cart: Space Cake Cured Resin by Wildcard Extracts

Space Cake Cured Resin vape cart from Wildcard Extracts was described to me as being like ‘portable dabs.’ There are parallels.

It is surprisingly potent for a vape cart. It has much of the flavourful taste of a concentrate hit—as well as the smell; this vape is not subtle, so don’t expect others not to notice you hitting it.

It also has very minimal packaging, which is refreshing in an industry littered with waste.


Best oil on the market: Zen Oil by EarthWolf Farms

When you want to melt into your couch, try Zen Oil by EarthWolf Farms.

It takes a couple hours to kick in—just long enough to forget you took it. It has a really nice effect, mellow and spaced.

It’s made with fresh bubble hash. The tincture is a mix of coconut oil, virgin olive oil, and cannabis extract. It has a mild cannabis flavour.


Most awful product of the year: CBD Honey by Planet Bee

Planet Bee makes beautiful honey in the Okanagan region of BC, so the addition of CBD seemed like a natural pairing.

Unfortunately, CBD Honey by Planet Bee was revolting.

The unnatural smell that wafted from the freshly opened jar was immediately off-putting.

Still, tentatively, I dipped my spoon into the golden goo and lifted to my lips. As soon as it hit my tongue, my taste buds confirmed it was inedible. Like a fed up Gordon Ramsay, I spit it into the trash.

I don’t throw out cannabis products very often, but this honey was only fit for adventurous racoons.